Eight Actionable SEO Tips You Can Use Now

Whether you are developing or redesigning your site or the site of another, you want that site to rank high in search engine results. That is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in, and while tactics from SEO may be more complicated, many are actionable almost immediately.

1. Carefully Select Keywords

You should try to include keywords that relate to your content and are likely to be searched by your target audience. Be careful not to over-optimize your content. This tactic is called keyword stuffing and is often more of a hindrance since most search engines can detect pages filled with overly repeated keywords.

2. Create New Content

New content is one of the biggest ways to not only get a higher ranking on a search engine but get the attention of your audience. New blog posts give you something to promote and something fresh for visitors to talk about and even post links to on their own sites and social media.

3. Think Local:

Local search has brought massive change for businesses, as it allows them to outrank some national chains in search rankings for the mere reason that they are near to the location of the person searching and/or their destination. Whether it is in your keywords or the content on your site, you should try to include phrases that indicate where your business is located.

4. Go for Quality

Make sure your site has attention-grabbing headlines as well as images and graphics that are not only appealing to look at but a high quality. These give your site a professional look and increase the odds that it will appear in both traditional and image search results.

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5. Find Relevant Sites to Link to You

In the early says of SEO, businesses would often exchange links with one another, even when their businesses were completely unrelated.Other sites charged businesses a fee to place a link for that business on its page. The newer search algorithms can check for these practices and do not put put the sites that do so at the top of their results.

If you are located in Illinois, you can contact a Chicago SEO company. Professional SEO companies are always ready and willing to help with backlinks.

6. Create a Sense of Community

Regardless of how you go about it, socializing with a target customer base brings them to the business and offers you an audience already interested in your business. This may mean commenting to customers on a business Facebook page or allowing a comment section on your own website.

7. Take a Fresh Approach

Browse your site, either through an analytics program or by web crawling on your own. Try to navigate it in the way your audience would. If you find something difficult to understand or to find, the odds are good your customers will, too.

8. Be Consistent

When you visit your site pretending you are a client, keep an eye out for any inconsistencies. These can confuse a visitor and can cost you higher rankings on search engines. Consistent keyword usage throughout your site tells a search engine that these keywords are highly relevant to your site. Also, visitors who are not confused are more likely to stay longer, another factor many algorithms track to determine rankings.