Local SEO is a subset of the bigger higher level SEO, but it involves driving down deeper into search results and getting further down in the weeds to separate out specific low level details from the search query.

When driving down to a local SEO spectrum it is very important to consider the beginning to end flow down process and how those search results become more detailed at lower levels as it becomes a more specialized search.


The most important characteristic of local SEO is the classification known for as the NAP. NAP is the Name, Address, and Phone Number which identifies the most basic location and contact information for the search query.

name address phone number

It is well know among business owners that it is very important to have accurate and updated NAP, however only around 50% every update this information.

Among those 50% about half them know their NAP information is inaccurate and they say they don’t have the time to update or deal with changing it.

Local SEO Accuracy

The accuracy of Local SEO when considering NAP can only hope to be as accurate as their contained information which openly spoken about is not accurate and thus a big issue concerning the effectiveness of Local SEO in many areas.

Also, because multiple NAP profiles can exist due to outdated information the consistency of keeping this information updated and accurate is even more necessary as well as challenging for any business.

Trusted Local Directories

Directory listings are another big component to being included in local SEO. The directory information is not required and not standard, however every bit of information that is put in is important and increases the changes of being picked up in the local SEO query.

The more complete this information is; the easier your customers will be able to find your business information.


Social media is another component to local SEO and with mobile and social sites becoming mainstream with the ability to locally target your audience in the immediate vicinity it is very beneficial to be targeting social media for local SEO. Social media allows very easily for happy customers to express their experience and broadcast it to the world on how great of an experience they had at your business.

social media icons

These interactions are found immediately by interested future customers and can do a lot to attract them to your business. This comes from the ability to have a locally optimized account listing or directory where anyone and everyone can post up their own experiences with your business.

This provides a platform and you don’t have to maintain the information on it as it comes from your real customers experiences.


As part of the Local SEO platform it is important to obtain actual customer reviews and you can’t force people to do so, but you can provide incentive or discounts or a free drink etc. for those who do in fact post a review on your page it does wonders for driving up your profile on search pages.

A QR code on your receipts or posted at your business can do wonders for getting reviews as that makes it really easy for customers to navigate to your local directory page on Facebook, Google, or Yelp and post a review. These reviews are essential to increasing traffic and optimizing local search result to increase your exposure to local SEO.

Test your Local SEO

It is always beneficial to tweak and hone in on your local SEO. Google is currently creating a new form of SEO called hyperlocal SEO which will be important to understand to learn how to best optimize your businesses local SEO to keep up with trends and stay at the forefront of your competitors.


  1. Eve

    Local SEO and consistent name, address, phone number are very important. It helps grab people searching in your area and gets them to your website. Very helpful article.

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